Our goal is to help participants experience holistic wellbeing by creating a network of trained on the land leaders who provide holistic land-based programming for Northerners.
The following resources can help on the Land leaders plan and deliver land-based programming using a trauma-informed, culturally relevant approach. Resources include:

Mental Health Support

Supporting the mental wellbeing of on the land learners through a trauma-informed approach to programming is a pillar of our program offering. Our training program is informed by subject matter experts and tested by on the land leaders to ensure participants have the support they need before, during and after their programs.

Packing Lists

Help guide your land-based participants to be prepared for their on-the-land experience and mitigate disruptions.

Forms and Documents

Ensure your land-based learning participants are informed of processes and prepared for the activities and possibilities of on the land learning.


Read the training interim evaluation report and learn more about the Supporting Wellbeing on the Land final report.